raging thoughts pt. VII


i remember that time you held my hand on the ground
i remember how much you used to hate the town

you ate your cereal on the balcony every morning
it was your favorite place to cry, pray and get horny

you used to sit in silence and be serene
but you’re gone and i cannot be clean

i cannot be clean
oh i cannot be clean

all my sheets are filled with dirt
now that i have nothing to yearn

i had no idea who you were
you wore all these personas
you were always in blur

what is it about you that I seek
is it the beauty of your poise
or is it the way you speak

all I know is
you’ve been gone for so long
and i’ve been trying so hard to tag along

hoping one day you’ll come back
or at least get me back on track

you believed in beauty
you rocked that booty
you believed in beauty

you were Venus as a boy.



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